Unravel MGUS

Our Team

The Unravel MGUS study was designed by a team of experienced clinical, research and drug development professionals. The study was actively supported by the leading UK haematologists expert in the identification and management of MGUS.

The study was sponsored by the Human Antibody Factory Limited (HAF). HAF was a semi-virtual organisation leveraging leading scientific expertise with a management team of clinical and drug development professionals.

RxCelerate Ltd, an outsourced drug discovery and development platform, has succeeded HAF in managing the resources from the study. Anonymised samples and data have been incorporated into RxCelerate's Research Tissue Biobank making the information from the Unravel MGUS study available to a wider community of biomedical researchers.

Trevor Baglin



Trevor Baglin was at the time of the study a Consultant Haematologist to Cambridge University Hospitals with responsibility for both clinical and laboratory haematology. His main research interests are in personalised risk profiling, the molecular basis of regulation of blood coagulation and drug discovery and development. He was previously the Clinical Director for Pathology and Laboratories at Cambridge University Hospitals. He has worked with biotech and pharma both as an advisor and collaborator and was a Founder-Director of Xo1 Ltd. He has been President of the British Society for Haematology and President of the British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis.


Dr Jill Reckless

RxCelerate Ltd

Dr Arun Alfred

Rotherham Hospital

Dr Charles Crawley

Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals 

Professor Graham Jackson

Freeman Hospital, Freeman Road

Dr Matthew Streetly

Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Cathy Williams

Nottingham City Hospital

Prof Gordon Cook

St James’s Hospital, Leeds

Dr Heather Eve

Torbay Hospital, Torquay

Dr Anand Lokare

Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham

Dr Pratap Neelakantan

Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading